Expectation and Procedures

We have high expectations for our student drivers at CHS. Students driving a car to CHS must follow the handbook guidelines:

A student must purchase a parking tag ($50) from the high school office if they are driving a car to school. In order to receive a tag, the student must show their personal license and submit the make, model and license number of the car at this time. A tag will not be issued without this information.

Juniors and seniors are offered parking spaces first. However, if spaces become available, they may be offered to younger drivers as they come available. The fee is reduced to $25 at semester.

Student Parking Guidelines
  • Students must park in their assigned student parking spaces on the student lot.

  • Students must have their parking tag displayed at all times on their rearview mirror.

  • Driving is prohibited at noon. Only in extreme emergencies will students be allowed to drive during the school day.

  • Students are not to sit in or use cars as a gathering place when on school property.

  • Careful driving is a must on school property and nearby streets and highways. All city and state motor vehicle laws must be obeyed at all times. Failure to abide by these rules could result in the loss of the privilege to drive a vehicle to school.

  • When arriving at school, all vehicles are to be parked immediately, and students are to enter the building.

  • Those driving trucks to school are not permitted to haul other students in the back of the truck.

  • Non-students who drop off or pick up students at the high school should not park in the school parking lots.

  • Local police have the authority to ticket speeders on school property.

  • The administration has the right to tow a car if it does not have a proper parking tag.

  • When it is necessary that a student drive another vehicle to school instead of the one that is registered, please take the parking permit and place it in the vehicle you are driving for the day. If it is a permanent car change, please notify the office by calling 281-5001.

Parking Lot Expectations
  • After school, students from CMS will walk down the sidewalk past the football field to the crosswalk near the brown shed. Students will cross at this spot to the sidewalk in front of the HS. One CHS staff member will be stationed at this crosswalk.

  • Students can walk to their parents’ vehicles in the adjacent parking spots from the HS front sidewalk after crossing there from the crosswalk.

  • Parents need to park ONLY in this location. Parents will NOT be allowed to park in the driveways or roadway between CHS & CMS.

  • CHS students will be asked to depart from the HS parking lot ONLY via Veterans Parkway. CHS students are not to exit via

  • CMS or Eagle Drive.

  • CMS students should walk to the HS via the sidewalk and crosswalk to catch a ride home with a CHS student.